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Masters Level

Masters Level

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  • The principles of teaching the IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses
  • Affiliation to the World’s most recognised Pole Fitness Association
  • IPDFA promotion and license to conduct Instructor Courses
  • How to train Pro’s nutrition, training, recovery, judging guidelines
  • Strapping and Injury Management
  • Spotting for all levels and aerials
  • Earn money working for IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses
  • Master Trainer fitness gear, promotional materials and sponsorships available
Please Note:

IPDFA membership and PolePro certificates expire 2 years after date of issue. In order to continue your membership and remain up to date with our course content, as we update and upgrade our courses continually, we require a payment of US $150.

After you have paid your US $150 into our PayPal account: please contact to let us know you have made payment and so that we can assist you.

Your membership will be issued with a new certificate with updated expiry dates and granted access to new course content.