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Is the certificate recognised in Europe?

Absolutely yes, all IPDFA PolePro Certificates are Internationally Recognised.

When can I start?

As soon as your payment has been received, your details will be processed within 48hrs and your course has begun.

What happens if I fail?

Our courses are designed to help you pass, our tutors are here to guide you until you completely understand every detail. We want you to qualify just as much as you do!

Who should study the Master Trainer Program?

Franchise Owners Competition Organisers & Competitors Performers & Professionals Anyone looking for long term involvement within the Industry.

How do I communicate with my Master Trainer?

E-mail, Whatsapp, Skype, Telephone, whichever is the agreed and preferred method between the two of you.

How does it work online?

Your course tutor will provide you access to your workbooks as you need them. In order to complete your 4 stages.

Throughout these stages, you will be asked to design workbooks and video recordings and can be sent via email for assessing & feedback.
Your tutor will mark them and assist you to better understand, if necessary.

The final exam is a theory (email) and a practical, can be done via skype meeting, record and send for feedback, alternatively live in studio if attending group workshops or living near a Master Trainer.

What happens if my course expires whilst I’m in progress of completion?

You can pay a fee of US $150 to re-register & complete your course. (exceptional circumstances accepted)

Exchange program, how does this work?

If you want to travel to another part of the world, we can introduce you to other instructors who would gladly exchange lives with you for a shared experience.

Do I have to have teaching experience to study the course?

Not at all, you can gain hours during your course to confidently qualify you.

Is the course available in other languages?

English and Spanish.

Can I pay the course off?

Unfortunately not, unless you are buying more than 2 of the 4 courses

How long do I have to complete the course?

1Year from Registration.

If I fall pregnant, can I put my course on hold?

Of course, we would gladly do so.