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About Us


About IPDFA PolePro

The International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) was formed in 2007 as an international platform to unite all aspects of the pole world under one umbrella. IPDFA professional leader, Ania Przeplasko (pshe-plazko) is the driving force behind the association's mission for international unification and acceptance as a legitimate sport.

Inspired by her own achievements and driven by her passion, Ania wanted to use her knowledge to legitimise pole dancing as a sport and create an international standard for athletes to train and compete within.

She has provided a pathway to help unite not only students and instructors but also studio owners trying to build businesses within the industry. IPDFA has provided our Industry with many resources, to educate, guide and develop our rapidly growing sport.

Competitions, brands, books, DVDs, workshops, equipment, federations and regions, cities, countries and continents. The industry is united through one voice, with one vision achieved through an international association passionate enough to listen to the needs of its community.

Ania and Vee Lea Sports Scientist, together with a team of professionals designed and developed the IPDFA Beginner Pole Dance Instructor Course presenting the industry with one of the First Professionally developed and Accredited Instructor Courses.

The IPDFA Instructor Courses gained International recognition and word started to spread as the courses and their content gained the respect of Polers from across the globe.

In 2012, the IPDFA sponsored Tracey Ecclestone, studio owner and operator to achieve a Master's Level in Training and Teaching, with her qualifications she would continue to help grow the IPDFA Instructor standards.

Tracey, being a passionately driven overachiever, had a natural flare for training instructors and rapidly gained recognition within the IPDFA, emerging as the only Master Trainer who handled more than one continent, and not long after, she was noted the top trainer for the IPDFA.

In 2015 Tracey was asked to manage the Australasian sector of the Courses she was given the honor and responsibility of educating future Master Trainers on behalf of the IPDFA.

In 2016 The IPDFA and its Board of Members changed under the leadership of the new President, Samantha Browne.

Tracey is now the Director of the IPDFA Instructor Courses, and is responsible for overseeing, upgrading, maintaining, training and growing all aspects of the courses for the federation. Tracey initiated this change by rebranding the course name to: IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses.

Since taking over the courses Tracey has trained up another 5 Master Trainers Globally. Applying her background in Brand Management she immediately set objectives, time frames, a course of action and through this, a vision driven by unstoppable determination.

Pole Fitness is one of the fastest growing sporting industries in the world consisting of 17.5million male, female and children participants;

With the recent announcement of Olympic recognition, a safety and education standard needs to be regulated and implemented if our extreme sport is to be considered with professional and safety guideline standards. Tracey’s main focus as the Director of Education for the IPDFA is to inform all studios, instructors and participants of the regulatory standards required to compete, operate, teach and train safely as set out by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association.

Being a natural Leader, her main focus has been to upgrade the courses according to the feedback she has gathered over her years of teaching.

Tracey outsourced a team of professionals together with her expertise to assist her to proudly present IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses,

‘The Most Comprehensive Instructor Courses in our Industry’

Over the next 2 years Tracey will focus on creating a stronger Brand Presence within the Industry, developing the IPDFA PolePro Brand through Sponsorship of Athletes and Competitions whilst raising awareness of the importance of education for the future of the sport and its participants.

2019 Tracey will head the launch of the IPDFA PolePro International Instructor Exchange Program, her first project to create travel opportunity for the instructors in the Pole Industry. The IPDFA PolePro Instructors are recognised for safety, professionalism and can promote themselves confidently as Qualified Instructors, enjoying the opportunities that lie ahead for the IPDFA PolePro Family and Brand.


About Tracey Ecclestone

Tracey Ecclestone has been involved in the industry for over a decade. She is the Director of PolePro Instructor Courses and represents Education on the Board of Members of IPDFA, serving as the Vice President to Samantha Browne (President).

Throughout Tracey’s life she has been involved in exciting adventures that have offered her a versed life with a plethora of experience and skills to offer her dancers.

As a young girl she did gymnastics, dance, ju jitsu, tai chi to name a few. In her early career she worked in marketing with Brands such as Red Bull & National Brand Manager for Chupa Chups South Africa.

She then went on to travel the world working as a chef aboard luxury private yachts for 5 years. Based in Spain for the most part she met & married her Australian husband. They lived in the Canary Islands running a Motocross and Enduro rental business, this is where Tracey first met her fate where she began training pole fitness at Polercise Tenerife with Stefania Roberto.

Tracey moved to Australia and opened a studio WA Aerial Fitness Studio, starting off as a small 24ft, 5 pole studio in 2009 to what is the biggest Aerial Fitness Studio in Western Australia 300sqm of pure aerial bliss. Tracey has Directed 6 SWA Competitions. She has raised over $60,000 in charity through her business.

She trained with the circus to increase her aerial skills to train instructors and offer an array of aerial disciplines to suit the growing needs of her students. Tracey furthered her studies with Paediatric & Sports Nutrition.

IPDFA sponsored Tracey her Masters Level in Aerials, and she worked for the IPDFA for 5 years as a Master Trainer, teaching and qualifying instructors into the Industry.

In 2015 Tracey operated as the Director of the Australasian IPDFA Instructor division. In 2016 Tracey was honoured to be nominated as Director of the PolePro Instructor Courses. In 2017 she was asked to take on the role of Vice President of the Association when it went through Presidential changeover.

Tracey has judged many competitions State, National & International. Tracey was a judge for the International Pole Championships in Hong Kong in 2015 and is the Head Judge for the 2018 IPC

In the short time Tracey has been running the PolePro Courses, she has shared her passion by increasing awareness, hiring and training up 5 Master Trainers and Is looking at growing this number to help with the increased demand for instructor qualifications. As the growth of the industry increases at the radical rate it is, so the demand for safety, awareness and qualifications are questioned, as they should be.

Over the next few years, it is expected that legislation will be passed and instructors will be required to have a recognized qualification prior to teaching.

The IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses are designed to provide an overall understanding on how the body works and how different exercising can impact the body. Rest, recovery, injury, increasing strength, defining weaknesses, conditioning to improve skills, flexibility and endurance are developed.

Becoming an IPDFA PolePro Instructor you will be recognised for your skill, and noted of your detail in teaching and helping your students, managing larger class numbers and giving equal attention to all students, whilst still progressing and helping those who need it.

Shoulders back, chin up love the world that you have chosen for yourself, you are embarking down a career of happiness and fulfillment  and we are here to ensure your future is safe.

Welcome aboard the team!
T xx